Wednesday M.A.S.S.

Mannys Action Steel Shoot

Wednesday M.A.S.S. Mannys Action Steel Shoot

Run & Gun Action Steel Stages

Every Wednesday starting at 9 am & 1st Sunday every month at 9 am & 1 pm

Wednesdays you can come and shoot the match starting at 9 am, at the Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club. Anyone with a handgun or pistol caliber carbine, and spare magazines, any handgun caliber up to .45 caliber can shoot, .22 caliber guns and carbines start from a aimed low ready, finger outside the trigger guard, safeties can be on or off. Barrels are placed throughout the course of fire to put spare magazines on. All centerfire guns can start with gun laying flat on barrel or from the holster. The stages are All Steel, round targets require only 1 round each, all square targets require 2 rounds each unless defined otherwise. There will be 6 different courses of fire every week, maximum round count requirement per stage will be 25. Wednesday stages total round count will be approx. 100-150 total. Any input as to the match is appreciated. Send questions or comments to


Centerfire divisions

Iron sight limited, Iron sight production, Open/Optic Sight, Pistol caliber carbine, 2 GUN DIVISION "all round steel shot with .22 rifle, or pistol caliber carbine only, all square steel shot with .22 or center fire pistol only"

.22 divisions

.22 iron sight, .22 optic sight, .22 rifle

Wednesday M.A.S.S. Entry fees per shooter, 6 guns maximum:

1st & 2nd gun $15 each

!If you have never competed before, there is a Free introduction to competition for members of the club on Wednesday starting at 9 (advanced notification only) or if your not a member, just pay the $15 daily range fee, and the intro is still free! please email Manny if you have questions or would like to sign up to attend.

The courses of fire will require you to start standing with your hands relaxed at your sides, unless otherwise specified, and to shoot as fast and accurate as you can while moving within the fault lines and through the course of fire, the time will start with a beep, and finish with your last shot fired.

Scoring is Total Time!

If you miss or don't shoot at a target the penalty is 3.0 seconds per miss, procedural penalties are also 3.0 seconds, (foot faults, etc.)

Bonus Plate: the black painted stick with a round steel can only be shot at one time for the hit, its either a hit or miss, and can take anywhere from 1 second to 5 seconds off your stage time if its hit with the 1st shot. Example: If you would hit the bonus plate the 2nd or 3rd round etc., you would not get the bonus time deduction, but the time for the stage would still be your last shot fired!